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The internet has a lot of conflicting advice about dog training. Some trainers recommend one thing while another trainer says that it’s harmful. You are stuck in the middle trying to raise a well-behaved dog while keeping the budget in mind.

With our beginner group class, the class starts as soon as you are ready to start. You don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks before the class begins.

With our group classes, you don’t only get to talk to the trainer once a week. You get the group class and you get an expert in your back pocket immediately! With your enrollment in our group classes comes access to all of our online training videos and guides. You’ll be able to watch videos and read tutorials to address your most urgent training issues immediately.

Sign up below today and get started improving your dog’s behavior right away!

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Group classes near Gastonia & Charlotte airport

In Mount Holly

Near Belmont Abbey

Class is held in a building that is fenced in and under a very large roof. The building is 150 feet long so there is plenty of room to physically distance from the other people.


Covid-19 update: Yes, let's wear face masks

In order to prevent the spread of illness to all of our clients, we do require masks covering the nose and mouth throughout the entire group class.

Group dog training classes are

Social for you
Social for the dog
Real life distractions
Your dog learns to listen to you