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The internet has a lot of conflicting advice about dog training. Some trainers recommend one thing while another trainer says that it’s harmful. You are stuck in the middle trying to raise a well-behaved dog while keeping the budget in mind.

With our beginner group class, you get the information you need at the price that makes sense.

With our group classes, you don’t only get to talk to the trainer once a week. You get the group class and you get an expert in your back pocket immediately! With your enrollment in our group classes comes access to all of our online training videos and guides. You’ll be able to watch videos and read tutorials to address your most urgent training issues immediately.

Sign up below today and get started improving your dog’s behavior right away!

Note: if you checked barks and pulls towards the dog, class might not be appropriate for your dog. Please contact us before you register for class.
Note: if you checked barks at the person, class might not be appropriate for your dog. Please contact us before you register for class.
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Group Class Cancellation Policy: In order to provide the best scheduling flexibility and one on one time for the clients that enroll in class, we do not offer make up sessions for sessions that are missed. Liability Terms of service: I agree to take full and total responsibility for my dog at all times. I hereby waive and release Mariah Hinds, Mariah Hinds Dog Training, property or business the training is located at, all owners and other animals in attendance, and any of the above mentioned employees, owners, and agents from any and all liability of any nature for injury or damage which I or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, and I expressly assume the risk of any such damage or injury while attending the training session or training class, while supervising or interacting with a dog while on the grounds or surrounding area thereto. In consideration of my attendance and participation in training classes, I waive the right from any and all claims or claims by any member of my family or any other person who is present for training lessons. 1. I understand that attendance and participation in any dog training program is not without risk to myself and/ or to guests that are present. I further understand that my personal dog is at risk when any other dog is present and I may bring home an illness due to working around other dogs. 2. Mariah Hinds Dog Training has found that half way through training most owners feel relieved that their dog’s behavior is improving. If training is ended at that time, the dog inevitably backslides into their prior bad habits. Group classes will not be refunded. 3. Some dogs find group classes extremely stressful and need to know lots of skills and behaviors before joining a group class. If a dog is not appropriate for group class, then the dog can be moved to one on one training sessions for an additional fee. 4. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Mariah Hinds Dog Training of any changes regarding the dog’s behavior and other pertinent information. 5. I agree to allow Mariah Hinds Dog Training to discuss history, protocol, family dynamics and any pertinent information with their veterinarian, appropriate animal professionals, family members, etc. as applicable. 6. Mariah Hinds Dog Training reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, at its sole discretion and refund the monies paid for future services (if applicable) back to the dog’s owner. 7. All of the information I have given about my dog(s) is correct and does not exclude important information such as aggression. 8. These Terms of Service constitute the sole and only agreements concerning the terms of this contract. Any prior agreements, whether oral or in writing, shall be void and of no further affect. This contract may only be modified in writing and signed by all parties to this agreement. 9. I agree to allow pictures taken of my dog or me with my dog during class to be used by Mariah Hinds Dog Training.

Group classes near Gastonia & Charlotte airport

In Mount Holly

Near Belmont Abbey

Class is held in a building that is fenced in and under a very large roof. The building is 150 feet long so there is plenty of room to physically distance from the other people.


Covid-19 update: face masks optional

Class is outside under cover. We do suggest masks when walking into the building and when we are closer than 10 feet such as practicing greeting without jumping up.

Group dog training classes are

Social for you
Social for the dog
Real life distractions
Your dog learns to listen to you