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Advanced Manners Dog Trainer Charlotte nc

Need better manners from your dog? 

Has your dog started learning: leave it, stay, greeting people politely and walking nicely on leash but they could use more practice? In our Advanced Manners class, we work on teaching the dogs better leash walking skills, advanced leave it practice, stay until released, and more practice with greeting people politely. 

In the Therapy Dog Training / Advanced Manners class, we introduce the concepts that dogs need to become certified therapy dogs. To pass the Therapy dog test dogs must be able to walk nicely on a loose leash through a crowd of people, cooperate with their owner while passing food on the floor, pass dogs on leash, come when called, and greet people politely. These concepts are worked on in class.   

This class is for dogs who would be surprised and friendly if a friendly off leash dog ran up to say hello. Please contact us for an assessment if you think your dog might bark at other dogs on leash. 

Advanced Manners class starting soon!

Fridays from noon to 12:50 pm.

Our classes are 6 weeks long and you have 8 weeks to use all 6 sessions. We offer the flexibility you need!

Contact us to learn when your dog could begin classes! 

Advanced Manners 

Advanced Manners Dog Trainer Charlotte NC

Let’s get started teaching your dog really awesome manners! In our Advanced Manners class, we teach stay on your bed, leash walking, come when called, leave it, and greeting people appropriately.  
In our Charlotte Dog Training Manners Class, we go over:
  • Greet people politely & doorbell manners
  • Come when called
  • Loose leash walking
  • Lay down on your bed and stay 
  • We discuss what skills we can use when out and about with our dogs including:
    • At a vet clinic
    • At an outdoor cafe with our dogs
    • At an outdoor park
    • At home relaxing
    • At home cooking dinner
  • We work on the Canine good citizen skills
    • Out of sight stay
    • Come when called around other dogs
    • Passing other dogs out on a walk
    • Walking on a loose leash past trash and other distractions
    • Walking around an obstacle course while your dog focuses on you

Our Advanced Manners Class includes 3 components:

  1. Online orientation to prepare our dogs for in person sessions
  2. Full access to our complete dog training online course to help you troubleshoot behaviors
  3. 6 weeks of in person group training sessions

1. Orientation:

We offer a video orientation for you to learn what you need to bring to class and how to set your dog up for success. You get access right after you register for class. That means less driving for you! How convenient.

2. Complete dog training success online course: Get started working on the games to enhance your dog’s manners and listening skills right away! You get access right after you register.

3. Six weeks of in-person training sessions:

Fridays from noon to 12:50 pm at 2148 old hickory grove Mount Holly, NC in our state of the art, fully-matted, outdoor covered building.


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