Leash Reactivity and Anxiety

Help for Dogs with Anxiety, Fearful Behavior and Leash Reactivity

Barking and growling at other dogs or people are common behavior problems. Most people try yelling, dragging their dog away from the other dog, doing more exposure to other dogs, and lots of various training equipment all with no results or a temporary reduction in barking.

Let us show you how to permanently address your dog’s behavior towards other dogs. We use reward-based training methods to teach your dog how to interact with the other dog ensuring lasting success and persistent good manners.

We can help! There’s no need to walk your dog in the dark or avoiding the scenario for life. Let us teach your dog how to be at peace and happy!

Puppy obedience training Charlotte nc

Common Behavior Issues:


Aggression towards dogs or other animals


Growling, barking or lunging at new people and visitors


Growling, biting and aggressive behaviors at the vet clinic or groomer


Hiding or fearful behavior around people or in new places


Growling when you or another dog approach bones or food bowls

His over all anxiety is down! Thank you so much for taking the time to train with me and mister Harvey! We appreciate you and will recommend you to anyone who is having behavior problems! -Mary H.

She works well with my teenager with aggression issues, my old-souled fearful girl that is scared of her own shadow and my new puppy teaching her general manners and obedience. I have tried other trainers. Mariah definitely hits the mark with her positive reinforcement and patience while training the humans and the dogs in the house. -Michelle G.

Let's Get Started Fixing Your Dog's Behavior

Email Us!

Send us an email or a text message and we will discuss your need for anxious dog training and we will see if we are the best match for your training needs.

In Home Dog Training Session

To proceed with in home training near me, we will start training with a $120 one hour in home confidence building dog training session. During that session, we jump right into what you want to work on with your dog. We typically get started on 2-3 behaviors during that session.


Dog Training Programs

At the end of the dog training in your home charlotte, nc training session, once I understand what your goals and dreams are with your dog, then we go over programs that will achieve those goals for you.

The programs range from:

In-Home Day Training Academy

  • The trainer comes to your home twice a week during the day to train your dogs
  • Every other week, the trainer meets with the owners to transfer the skills to the owners

In-Home Day Training

  • The trainer meets with the owners to teach the owners how to train the dog