Why Should I Teach My Dog to Stay?

Stay is a great behavior to teach your dog. It is incredibly helpful to eliminate a multitude of undesired behaviors such as door bolting, counter surfing and begging. Here are some other scenarios where practicing a stay is beneficial. To teach the dog not to jump up...

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Do I need to be alpha to my dog?

How often have you heard that you need to be Alpha to your dog? It's a common belief. Researchers were premature in their publication of this concept and they discovered shortly after announcing their Alpha concept that it is not true. A wolf pack is a family and the...

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Impulse Control Games and Stay Go Together

Impulse control games are a great way to start building duration into our stays. We will teach the dogs that in order to get the treat, the dog needs to wait for the treat to come to them. Step 1- My fist is closed with one treat in it and I have several treats in my...

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