Impulse Control Games and Stay Go Together

Is your dog incapable of sitting still? Impulse control games are a great way to start building duration into our stays. We will teach the dogs that in order to get the treat, the dog needs to wait for the treat to come to them. Step 1- My fist is closed with one...

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Puppy Training: Puppy Socialization and Manners Training

When Can I start Puppy Training? Using positive dog training, it’s a great idea to start training your puppy immediately! The benefits of starting as soon as possible include:  It's easier for you! It's easier for the dog to learn that you are the source of all the...

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Bored Dog? Fun and simple games

Doggie enrichment and Mental stimulation Is your dog bored? You do not need to take hours out of your day to provide adequate amounts of mental stimulation. If you begin to provide more mental stimulation, you will probably notice that your dog is more settled, less...

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Cue clarity

Is your dog reliable and fluent with their verbal cues? Saying the verbal cue while you do a hand signal is an easy pattern to fall into and for lots of dogs it delays the dog being able to do the verbal cue without the hand signal. Try this. Try to separate the...

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The 5 Common Mistakes with the Come When Called Skill

Everyone wants their dog to come when called, right? So why is it that so many dogs avoid their owners when they are called? Here are some common mistakes that are made when teaching a dog to come when called.   1. Chase your dog! Most dogs find the chase me game...

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