Building reliability with our dogs is a process. Just like going to the gym once, doesn’t build immediate muscles, building reliability with our dogs skills takes practice.

This week, I worked on adding a bit of distractions to our signals with a dancing toy. It was a lot of fun!! Here’s the video:


With Talent, we worked on playing in a distracting environments. I mixed in some off leash skills with distractions around to see if she would still be as reliable in this environment as she is at home with this game. She did great and we had a great time! I think it is important to slowly add distractions so the young dog stays confident. I’m really happy with her confidence and focus here.


clever and TalentThe December Workshops are up on the calendar! I added a new workshop called Fun and Games and it really is going to be such a fun time! There was also some rearranging of times for the Wednesday night classes. The Fun Agility Foundations class is now at 7:45, Fabulous Focus is at 6:30 and Heeling Games is at 5:15.

What did you work on this week with your dogs to build reliability?