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What are the benefits of one on one dog training?

The fastest results

With in home training, you get the fastest results possible.

Training in the environment your dog needs to listen in

Your dog is learning to listen in the locations where s/he needs to listen.

Training with you

Your dog learns to listen to you because you are doing the training with your dog.

Personalized Results

We get to practice exactly what your dog needs to learn and we can customize that to your particular needs and your particular family.


We schedule at a time that works for you and your busy schedule.


We support our clients 24/7. Not just during our training sessions.

Family friendly

We can get your kids involved in the training so the dog learns fun games with the kids and learns to listen to the kids too.

Lifetime Access

When you train your dog with us, you get access to training support for life. We’re here to support you and your dog through life changes such as bringing home baby.

Charlotte dog trainers

Charlotte Dog Trainer

At age 8, Mariah wanted to be a Charlotte dog trainer. At a young age, a passion to learn as much as she could about dog training and behavior was sparked in Mariah. Her desire to know the latest proven dog training techniques has never gone away. Through Mariah’s 14 years of training experience, she has found creative problem solving techniques that quickly solve problems. Mariah finds a solution that works for everyone involved from dogs who bite to dogs who destroy the house when you are gone. She can help whether your dog doesn’t come when called or whether your dog is ignoring you in a dog sports competition.

Charlotte dog trainer, Mariah, is a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT). She is also an instructor at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). She is committed to continuous education of the latest training techniques. Your dog will learn as quickly as possible with results that will last with her commitment to education.

Imagine What Training Can Do For You

Not being embarrassed by your dog's behavior

Imagine being able to take your dog new places and being proud of your dog’s behavior. Imagine having visitors over and hearing compliments on your dog’s great manners from your friends and family.

Getting the right attention

Imagine all of your dog’s bad behaviors gone and hearing compliments on your dog’s good behavior from your friends and family.

Playing in the park

 Imagine being able to enjoy playing with your dog in the park without worrying that he will run off and not come when called.

Going to restaurants

Enjoy the freedom of bringing your well-mannered dog with you! Hiking, restaurants, breweries, and events are more enjoyable with a well-mannered dog.