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At age 8, Mariah wanted to be one of the best charlotte nc dog trainers. As a child, she was only allowed to have outdoor dogs because the dogs were not trained. When their manners continued to get worse, her family would send the dogs back to the shelter. Mariah wanted to teach the dogs the manners needed to be indoor dogs. A passion to learn as much as she could about dog training and behavior was sparked in Mariah. Her desire to know the latest proven dog training techniques has never gone away.

Through Mariah’s more than 18 years of training experience, she has found creative problem solving techniques that quickly solve problems. Mariah finds a solution that works for everyone involved from dogs who bite to dogs who destroy the house when you are gone. She can help whether your dog doesn’t come when called or whether your dog is ignoring you in a dog sports competition. Mariah is a certified dog trainer through the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT). She is also an instructor at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). She is committed to continuous education of the latest training techniques. Your dog will learn as quickly as possible with results that will last with this commitment to education.

Charlotte Dog Trainers Training Techniques

Mariah began her dog training career using pinch collars and corrections. As she learned more about dog training, she found that positive training methods produce faster and more reliable results without creating more problems to address. When I used to grab dogs to punish them, lots of dogs just learned to play keep away from people. When I used to knee dogs in the chest to discourage jumping, the dogs just learned to leap out of the way plus a few learned that new people are dangerous. For the families whose dogs learned that people were scary, it was a long journey to eliminate the fearful lunging that occurred because of the training technique.

With treats and positive training techniques we like all of the side effects that we get from training! We get a dog who is eager to listen and a dog we can take anywhere we want to go.

 Dog Trainers Charlotte nc

Mariah loves competing with her dogs in dog sports such as Agility, Competition Obedience and Rally. Mariah regularly places first in competitions and recently achieved first place out of 100 dogs in a statewide competition. Her experience in competitions gives her the skills to train your dog to listen to you off leash no matter what is happening around you.

Your dog will listen even when you don’t have rewards nearby. Her desire to compete at the highest level of precision and accuracy means that she will help you progress your skills as quickly and as accurately as you need. Your dog will learn to automatically make good choices, whether you are at the park with your dog or in the competition ring.

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