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At home, when we are extremely happy or a bit cranky, we often say our cues to our dogs differently. When we are in the ring with our dogs and we are nervous, oftentimes, we will say our cues differently as well. We might also have a different expression on our face during a trial. Let’s practice saying our cues with different tones of voice and different facial expressions and see how the dogs do with them!

Here are some ideas:

  • High pitch verbal cue
  • Low pitch verbal cue
  • Normal pitch
  • Sad tone of voice
  • Excited tone of voice
  • Combine saying your cue differently with different facial expressions
  • Stick out your tongue while the dog does the behavior
  • Funky eyebrows
  • Open mouth
  • Frowny face lips

Give it a try! I’m sure this is going to be a good confidence booster for the dogs!

Check out our upcoming classes!

In January, we will be playing Reliability Games with sit, down, stay, come, walk nicely on leash, don’t jump on people, leave it and come when called. In this class, the exercises that are tested in the Therapy dog test, Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced and Urban Canine Good Citizen tests. It’s all about the games in this class. We will have mazes to practice come and walk nicely on leash, we will play musical chairs and we will play pizza delivery games! Whether your dog is new to the skills or an expert at the skills, we will find a version of the games that is ideal for your dog!

My favorite class is Foundations and Problem Solving for Rally and Competition Obedience. We will go over foundation skills for precision obedience. It will include teaching the dogs to come to heel position, move in heel position, sit, down and stand for position changes, go out to a target, scent discrimination games, jump foundation exercises, fronts, and fun focus games!

In our Tricks for Agility and Titles class, we will go over the following tricks:

  • Down and sit with hand signals and verbal cues
  • Hand touch
  • Spin left and spin right
  • Put 4 feet on a board or raised dog bed
  • Shake and high 5
  • Paws up (2 paws on an overturned bowl)
  • Play bow
  • Go between 2 weave poles
  • Bang the teeter game
  • Balance on wobbly surfaces
  • Walk across the agility dogwalk plank

Have fun with your dog! Come join us in our games and tricks and skill-building classes!