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Best Dog Obedience Training Charlotte nc

When I train my dogs in dog obedience training Charlotte nc, we do a lot of work on heeling- walking by my side.

Feet together, left foot forward, “heel.”

heelingThis is the footwork that I was taught for heeling. I never questioned it. I just did it. I first learned about heeling footwork, before I even had my first competition dog, and I was taught that you always step forward with your left foot.

I practiced and practiced and 8 years later when I got my first dog as an adult to do dog obedience training charlotte nc, I was consistent with walking forward with my left foot every time. Now, I am questioning if this is the best way to showcase my dog’s heeling abilities.

I tend to heel with my feet together and my dog tends to crab on the first step of heeling, but only on the first step of heeling. If I step off with my right foot, then my dog moves forward in a straight line when my left foot moves forward. If I step off with my left foot, then my dog moves slightly in and forward with me. When I move my right leg forward, she moves in a straight line and remains straight until the next time that I move forward with my left leg.

To fix this issue, I’m going to try to step off with my right foot and see if we have more precise heel position. I’ll keep you posted on the results!

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