Group Dog Training Classes

Held in Catawba, SC near Rock Hill

One Jump, Two Jump

Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Dates: June 23

In agility, there is a lot that we can teach our dogs and get perfected with just one or two jumps! If our handling and our dog’s responses are crisp and confident with one or two jumps then when it is easy to add these skills to a sequence of jumps! We will be practicing front and rear crosses, backside sends, threadles and much more! 

This seminar is appropriate for those new to agility and for those who want to build more speed and confidence with their dog’s handling abilities. Dogs will need to be capable of a 30-second stay to be a good fit for this class. Young dogs can take the class and practice the handling skills without a bar to jump.

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Focus Games

Time: 3:30 – 5:30 pm
Dates: Saturday, June 23

It’s never too late and never too early to start building your dog’s focus around distractions. Whether you want a dog who can focus on you more readily with dog, food and people distractions or whether you want to do agility, rally, obedience or any other sport, we all need to teach our dogs to focus on us while on-leash or off-leash. In this class, we will go over teaching our dogs to choose to focus on the handler and persist in focusing on the handler in spite of distractions. We will work with people, dog, toy and food distractions. We will also go over start work and end work cues to enable your dog to understand when they don’t need to focus on you. We will begin on-leash and will work towards off-leash focus games with a ring gate surrounding the working dog. We will also work on focus with distractions. Leash walking and coming when called away from distractions will also be incorporated into the games.

Polishing for Competition

Time: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Dates: Saturday, June 23

Let’s polish our rally and obedience skills! Systematically we will add distractions and increase the intensity of our distractions while our dogs practice behaviors so our dog’s confidence with the skill and with distractions increase. We will outline the distraction game and you will pick the behavior that you’d like to practice with your dog for that game. Common choices for the games include setting up in heel position, heeling, fronts, finishes, drop on recall, signals, retrieving, rally heeling serpentines, rally sidesteps, jumping, and much more!

Group Dog Training Classes

We offer group dog training classes to help your dog learn the skills for manners, reactivity, therapy dog training, dog agility, and other dog sports!

Group Dog Training Classes are an affordable training option that teaches your dog to listen even with the distractions of other people and other dogs nearby.

Puppy Training Classes

Our Puppy Group Dog Training Classes helps your puppy become the perfect family pet. Our classes teach your puppy not to bite, to walk nicely on a leash, to come when called and to focus on you!

Dog Agility Training Classes

Have fun with your dog, teach your dog to be reliable off leash and go home with a happy, tired dog! That’s what agility group dog training classes do. Join us for some fun with your dog and watch your dog’s focus and ability to listen to you grow and grow!

Reactive Rover Class

Reactive Rover group dog training classes teach your dog to make good choices with other dogs nearby. Your dog will learn to behave and listen to you no matter how close the other dogs are.

Therapy Dog Training Classes

If your dog loves people and you love helping, you could be candidates for therapy dog work at nursing homes, school reading programs, and other settings. Our therapy group dog training classes teach your dog the necessary skills for this rewarding work.

Good Manners Group Dog Training Classes

Our Good Manners group dog training classes help your dog develop the desired manners to become a wonderful member of your family. We will work with you to teach your dog to greet people appropriately, stay until you give them permission to go, leash walking skills and the ability to ignore leaves and chicken bones on the ground.

Rally and Competition Obedience

Rally is a fun sport that teaches your dog to walk next to you no matter what crazy moves you make. It’s a fun sport and it often leads to competition obedience where your dog can practice distance skills and more complex behaviors. Join us in the fun of teaching your dog the skills needed to earn obedience and rally titles. Group dog training classes help recreate a trial environment. The fun is addicting!!