Manners matter for a happier life with your dog.

Mariah Hinds Dog Training offers in-home dog training, from basic to advanced, to transform your dog into a member of the family to be proud of—not a black sheep who makes you cringe.

Here’s how we work:


Schedule your free phone consultation or call us at 321-946-1035. We discuss your dog and your training goals. We schedule an in-home consultation that is convenient for your schedule.




A Training Solution for Every Dog

Whether you have a problem dog or the next obedience champion, we can get you to your goal.

See below for details on our approach to basic manners, obedience trials, therapy dogs, aggression, puppy training, and more.

We teach dogs the proper social graces. See what our clients say

Puppy Training

Our Puppy Training helps your puppy become the perfect family pet. We will work with you to establish an individual program for you and your puppy.

Dog Sports Training

Improve your dog’s reliability in rally and obedience! Mariah Hinds is an expert in reliability, building confidence, precision and helping your dog become reliable regardless of distractions.

Leash Reactivity

We teach your dog to make calm, appropriate choices with other dogs nearby. Your dog will learn to behave and listen to you in every environment.

Behavioral Change

If your dog is exhibiting any behaviors that are threatening or concerning, we can help.  We’ll create a positive training program to enable your dog to make better choices reliably.

Manners Training

Our Manners Training helps your dog develop the desired manners to become a wonderful member of your family. We will work with you to establish an individual training program for you and your dog.

Therapy Dog Training

If your dog loves people and you love helping, you could be candidates for therapy dog work at nursing homes, school reading programs, and other settings. We can teach your dog the necessary skills for this rewarding work.


“I love my dog! I can say that now and truly mean it… I saw results after the first session. Mariah was always on time, available to answer any questions I had concerning my puppy and able to solve Jaggie’s behavioral problems in creative and fun ways.”

— Erica J.

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