Training Supplies

Dog Training Supplies



For our first training session, we will need small, pea sized treats. Crunchy treats slow training down since it takes longer for them to be eaten. Good treat choices are:

Treat Pouch

Pet safe treat pouch-


High Value treats

Low Value treats

Bitey Puppy or Bored Dog?


West paw Toppl
Dog food to stuff into dog toy

Toys to stuff peanut butter and kibble into
Toys to stuff kibble in

Kong Wobbler-

Starmark Bob a lot-

Pet IQ treat ball-

Aids to help your dog stand still
Long lasting chews

Long leash is great for potty breaks-

Leather 6 foot leash is great for powerful pullers-

Bungee leash is great for small to large dogs-

Online dog training course

Did you know that we have a full Online dog training course to guide you through training? We can even combine the online training course with in home training or group classes! Check it out here

Safety Equipment


How many treats can I feed?


How to prevent overfeeding your dog

What foods are dangerous to dogs?

Is dry dog food the best food?



Great Dog Foods