Online Dog Training Classes 

Learn how to train your dog for dog sports and competition obedience from the comfort of your home online. Online dog training classes give you the information that you need to be successful at teaching your dog the skills necessary to achieve your goals!

Mariah teaches her online classes through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). Classes are 6 weeks in length and registration begins on the 22nd of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Online dog training classes contain lectures, videos demonstrating the skills, images and access to watch the other students practice the skills and implement the lectures into their training sessions. There are 3 levels of participation for the online classes. All three levels provide access to the skills, images, videos and the opportunity to learn from other students. The gold level provides the ability to interact directly with Mariah and receive feedback on videos that you submit and ask questions. The silver level gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the lectures, videos and discuss various aspects of the class. The bronze level provides read-only access.

online dog training classes

Ready, Steady, Squirrel

Rat, cat, bat, gnat? Fox, hawk, ox? Caribou, cockatoo, kangaroo, shrew, ewe, gnu? Bear, hare, mare? Buck, duck? Mink, skink, lynx?  Does your dog lose their mind when there are chickens or squirrels or snakes or birds or frogs? Teach your dog to leave the critters alone and to focus on you instead!

We will start the foundation skills needed for your dog to be able to focus on you when there is the scent, sound or sight of a critter or a combination of all of the above. The foundation skills with critters will be taught on-leash and we will utilize giving the dog permission to watch the critters to build a more rewarding event. We will begin off-leash work in controlled environments such as a fenced in yard as well. We will also be going over control positions such as come to the left or right side of your body and come between your legs. Action packed skills such as hand touches, spin left and right, and orient to the handler will also be taught and utilized in class.

Registration: March 22- April 15

Proof Positive: Adding Distractions

You’ve spent lots of time building some fantastic skills and now you need to make sure that those skills will hold up when you enter the ring or out in the real world. We will work on building confidence with your dog’s skills by playing fun games that add food distractions, scent distractions, toy distractions, motion distractions, people distractions and distractions that occur in public locations. We will work on teaching your dog to think through being distracted by food, toys and things in motion and focus on the task at hand through fun games that build your dog’s confidence.

Gold students can choose to work on one to two exercises in this class. We will break that exercise into 4 to 6 components, practice each component with distractions, and practice the entire exercise with distractions. We can work on stopped contacts, fronts and finishes, signals, gloves, stand for exam, retrieving, go outs/ send aways with directed jumping, retrieve over a jump, broad jump, out of motion down, out of motion stand, figure 8s, turns within heeling (set up in heel position, turn left, turn right, about turn, 10 steps of heeling), change of pace in heeling (set up in heel position, transition to slow, transition to normal, transition to fast, full patterns with change of pace), straight line heeling following a turn (left turn followed by straight, right turn followed by straight heeling, about turn followed by straight heeling, full patterns with turns) and so much more! It’ll be beneficial but not mandatory to go to a new park, store or shopping plaza a few times during this class to practice.

Join us and build your dog’s confidence to do the behaviors no matter what the distraction!

Registration: March 22- April 15