Online Dog Training Classes 

Learn how to train your dog for dog sports and competition obedience from the comfort of your home online. Online dog training classes give you the information that you need to be successful at teaching your dog the skills necessary to achieve your goals!

Mariah teaches her online classes through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). Classes are 6 weeks in length and registration begins on the 22nd of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Online dog training classes contain lectures, videos demonstrating the skills, images and access to watch the other students practice the skills and implement the lectures into their training sessions. There are 3 levels of participation for the online classes. All three levels provide access to the skills, images, videos and the opportunity to learn from other students. The gold level provides the ability to interact directly with Mariah and receive feedback on videos that you submit and ask questions. The silver level gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the lectures, videos and discuss various aspects of the class. The bronze level provides read-only access.

online dog training classes

Putting It Together: Novice Ring Ready

Let’s put all of our training together and get your dog ready to soar in the Novice Obedience ring! It can be a scary thought to enter a dog for the first time, but being well-prepared can take a lot of the scary elements away. We will look at building your dog’s confidence in new locations, helping your dog generalize the skills, adding realistic ring distractions to your dog’s skills, sequencing the skills together and we will go through all the steps to wean your dog off of that cookie in your hand or in your pocket. We will go over heeling, figure 8’s, transitioning from on-leash exercises to off-leash exercises, stand for exam, fronts and finishes, ring entrances and ring exits. Your confidence as a handler will improve when we discuss ring nerves and how to prepare yourself mentally for the ring and for the trial. Gold students can problem solve areas where their dog struggled in previous competition obedience events.

Get ready! This class will show you the finishing pieces that you and your dog need to be completely prepared to enter the Novice obedience ring, whether that is preferred novice, beginner novice, or novice!

Registration: November 22- December 15

Proof Positive: Building Reliability

You’ve spent time, sweat, and probably even a few tears, working hard to teach your dog lots of different skills — but now you need to make sure those skills will hold up when you enter a ring or are out in the real world. Come learn how to set your dog up for success… we’ll talk about fluency, generalization, and building reliability.

We can proof our dogs for reliability with distractions positively and we can set them up to succeed and build confidence in the process! We will start with behaviors that don’t require duration. We will practice building reliability with distractions such as distance, duration, scent distractions, spacial pressure, and stationary visual distractions. These are all games that can be played with the handler and common household and training props. Once the dog is able to do a stationary skill with that distraction, then we will work on skills that require duration such as contacts, one jump exercises, stays, utility articles, fronts, wrap a cone/ jump and short heeling patterns. This class contains weekly games to build reliability and precision with fronts.

Gold students can choose which 2-5 stationary skills (sit, down, spin, stand, touch, side, close, etc.) and which 2-5 duration skills (contacts, one jump exercise, stays, recalls, go outs, articles, etc.) they want to practice during class.

Registration: November 22- December 15