Online Classes 

Learn how to train your dog for dog sports and competition obedience from the comfort of your home online. Online classes give you the information that you need to be successful at teaching your dog the skills necessary to achieve your goals!

Mariah teaches her online classes through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). Classes are 6 weeks in length and registration begins on the 22nd of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Online classes contain lectures, videos demonstrating the skills, images and access to watch the other students practice the skills and implement the lectures into their training sessions. There are 3 levels of participation for the online classes. All three levels provide access to the skills, images, videos and the opportunity to learn from other students. The gold level provides the ability to interact directly with Mariah and receive feedback on videos that you submit and ask questions. The silver level gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the lectures, videos and discuss various aspects of the class. The bronze level provides read-only access.

Should I stay or should I go

Teach your dog to stay no matter the duration, distractions, distance, or location. We will work on down, sit and stand stays for home life and for use in obedience, rally or agility competitions.

Registration: July 22- August 15

Control Your Canine- Impulse Control at Home and In Sports

Does your dog lack impulse control? Does he lose his mind when there is food around? Does she lack the ability to think when there is a dog or cat nearby? Is she lunging for every piece of food placed on the counter or coffee table? This class will go over the beginning steps to stay, impulse control in the home and impulse control with food, toys, people and dogs. As a foundation for sports, your dog will be able to listen to cues with food on the floor or a toy on the floor when you are done with this coursework! If your dog needs more self-control, this is the class for you!

Registration: September 22- October 15



Overgreeters Anonymous: People and Dogs

Does your dog lose their mind when they see people or other dogs? We will work on greeting people and other dogs appropriately on leash and off leash. Your dog will learn to focus on you instead of obsess over the nearby dog or person.

Registration: September 22- October 15