Personalized, One on One Online Dog Training for Quick Relief Now

…and a great companion for a lifetime!

How online dog training helps you and your dog


Honors social distancing.

Training from the comfort of your own home prevents the spread of germs.

Training goals and experience

You receive the same expertise and coaching as our in-person training

Receive guided, step by step, coaching.

Ability to watch us demo with our own dogs.

Receive feedback and your written lesson plan for the week.

Psssst, …… a little secret……we were never training your puppy or dog during our in-person training…. we were always training/coaching YOU.


You’ve got this and we’ve got you.


Flexible scheduling

No need to travel to a class- a time saver!

Wear your pajamas if you want… we won’t judge!

You don’t need to install any software or be tech savvy…. Just click the link I send to you and you are off and training!

Bonus… you get to view everything we did during our session, later. Now you can go back and see what we did during our session and see the steps if you want. How awesome is that? We are there with you during the session and after.


Just as successful as in person sessions

Puppies won’t miss out on critical socialization periods.

Keeps your puppy/dog from practicing unwanted behaviors.

Ensures your dog won’t regress.

A well-mannered, four-legged, family member.

Online One on one Dog Training is:

Group dog training classes can be great, but too often the results stay behind in the classroom. Instead, let’s do the training where you need your dog to behave his best—wherever that may be.

We schedule our sessions when it works for you and we meet in a location convenient for you- your home!

Time Efficient

Your time is valuable. One on one online dog training ensures that you get the information that you need in an efficient manner.

We support owners in the off-hours (when training is “not in session”).
Environment Learning

We guide you through the training process where the problems occur.

We customize our sessions to meet your dog’s training needs and your training goals.
Empowering Owners
We empower owners with knowledge so the dog listens at all times.
Family Friendly
We work with all the members of the family.

We Eliminate Behavior Problems

  • Mouthing, nipping and biting
  • Lunging at dogs on leash
  • Aggression during nail trims
  • Growling, nipping and snapping
  • Anxiety and Fearful Behaviors
  • Aggression towards people or dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Territorial aggression

Let us Help you Solve Your Dog Behavior Problems

Get started with your FREE 20-minute phone consultation.

We Address Problem Behaviors

  • Hyperactivity
  • Jumping up
  • Excessive Barking
  • Stealing food from the counters
  • Bolting out doors
  • Chasing and harassing other pets in the home
  • Chewing on the wrong things
He can walk past other dogs now without going crazy! -Melissa M.
Mariah was amazing with our dog, Bear! -Carly D.
We went to the vet and she was calm while they handled her! She didn’t go crazy at them once! -Tina S.
He let me take away a chicken bone! With zero aggression! I’m still amazed! -Andrea D.
His behavior is light years better than it was! Thank you Mariah! -Joe S.
They let me trim their toe nails now! Actually, they can’t wait to have their toe nails trimmed! -Danielle N.
Mariah definitely hits the mark with her positive reinforcement and patience while training the humans and the dogs in the house. -Michelle G.
I wish training with Mariah was mandatory for all new dog owners. -Jack T.
Mariah was exceptional with our new St Bernard puppy! -Toni L.
We saw a difference fast and people all over the neighborhood stopped to tell us how wonderful Mariah was with our Sadie! Mariah treated our dog as if she was her own. -Gina A.