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Brilliant Puppy School


Give your puppy the best start

for the best life with you

What is Brilliant Puppy School?

Puppy Training School is a comprehensive program designed to provide you and your puppy all of the tools you need for a fulfilling life together.

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Why you will Love Puppy Training School:


One less thing on your plate!

While your puppy is enrolled in our program, they will come home tired and ready to cuddle.

Building Good Habits

During our field trips and throughout the day, our trainers will ensure that your puppy is practicing desirable behaviors instead of bad habits including crate training.

Less Hassle

We pick up and drop off your puppy so you don’t have to add pick up and drop off to your schedule.

On-Demand Feedback

Access to a group of certified, professional trainer who can give you feedback in real-time as issues occur, not just once every few weeks.

Peace of Mind!

Limited enrollment means you can rest assured that your puppy is getting quality individualized attention.

Basic Training Skills

Throughout Puppy Training school, we work on teaching good manners. Your puppy will have a solid foundation so you can easily troubleshoot problems that might arise in the future.

Why your Puppy will Love Puppy Training School:


New Friends!

Every day includes time to meet, play and socialize with other dogs.

Learning without stress

Important life skills are broken down into easy steps so the puppies can learn what’s expected of them without stress or panic.

Brain Games!

They will build confidence, resilience and tire themselves out through exciting enrichment activities.

Socialization Support

During our field trips, your puppy will have the undivided support of a certified trainer making sure that they are always feeling happy and confident in new environments.

Play, play, play

Puppies learn how to play fun games with people instead of biting. Body handling games and toy play games are geared towards training while having fun.

Relationship Building

At home, your puppy will be building a great relationship with their favorite human- you!

Why you’ll both love it:

More fun!

Better behavior!

Better communication!

More quality time!

What's Included?

For the Dog

8 full days of Puppy Training school

Puppy Playtime with Role Model dogs

8 Field Trips to Dog Friendly shops and parks

Fun canine enrichment activities

Learning to listen to multiple trainers during school

The structure

4 week sessions

Max 6 puppies to maintain a low 2:1 ratio of puppies to trainers

Training days are Wednesday & Fridays

Training days are 10am - 4pm

3 private mini-training sessions & multiple group training sessions each puppy school day

For the People

8 Training Success sessions

1 In-Home training session to be used within 6 months

We pick up and drop off your puppy at home

Video & written updates on your puppy's progress each day

On-demand access to a certified trainer

4 weeks of Puppy School


Let us train your puppy... so you can spend more time enjoying your puppy!

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