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Yes! We are offering in home and in public training sessions at this time while. For safety, we’ll wear masks when within 10 feet of each other. We will get through this together with even happier, better behaved dogs! Schedule your free phone consultation now!

Personalized Puppy Training for Quick Relief Now

…and a great companion for a lifetime!

Puppies are awfully cute, but they’re also awfully exhausting. All that energy! Not to mention their sharp little teeth and tiny bladders. Oh, and no clue what “sit” or “stay” or “come” might mean. Too bad puppies don’t come pre-programmed. But since they don’t, let’s get to puppy training. 

Give us a call and relief and results will be on the way!

We’ll tackle puppy problem behaviors, lay a foundation to prevent future problems, and teach your puppy her basic manners. Your customized puppy training program might include:
I love my dog! I can say that now and truly mean it. I enrolled my nine month old YorkiePoo puppy, Jaggie, in Mariah’s “Hand over the Leash” program. Jaggie loved Mariah and was instantly responsive to her training techniques. I saw results after the first session. Mariah was always on time, available to answer any questions I had concerning my puppy and able to solve Jaggie’s behavioral problems in creative and fun ways. I will definitely be using Mariah’s services in the future. -Erica J.
We were in for a shock when decided to welcome a very high energy, hypoallergenic miniature Golden Doodle to our family. Maggie Mae was not potty or crate trained, had no obedience training at all, had guarding issues, and struggled with being over-ly social, if there is such a thing. I can say without doubt that Mariah’s training is an outstanding value for the peace of mind we now have as owners have a very happy, well trained puppy dog that has a foundation of skills that she will have for life. -Trish S.
Mariah has been very helpful with our 2 Papillon puppies. I had never had 2 pups at the same time and so I was having a hard time training them and getting them to respond to their names. She started coming when they were 12 weeks and we did the “Hand over the Leash” Program. They responded very quickly to her and now they are 6 months old and we are in the intermediate class with them so they will be able to handle distractions and still walk and respond to commands. Mariah is very prompt and we highly recommend her. -Sharon V.
Mariah has been training my 10 week old Vizsla puppy for the last 3 weeks. She had experience working with high energy puppies which has proven to be extremely helpful. I enrolled him in the “Hand over the Leash” program and continue to see improvements every week. I would highly recommend Mariah to anyone that is seeking professional dog training. She is easy to work with, always on time and ensures that the owners feel comfortable with each technique before continuing. -Sara K.
By the time Dolly was 4 months old, she was jumping on us, biting us, leaping off of the back of the couch and harassing us during our dinners even though she had already had dinner. Mariah was great. In no time, she had Dolly greeting us politely, staying on a mat while we ate and no more biting or death leaps from the couch! — Bryann S.
Mariah was excellent at working with our Doberman puppy – she quickly identified behavioral issues that were bothering us and worked with Kurt during the “Hand over the Leash” to teach him appropriate behavior – she also worked with me and my husband which might have been more difficult than working with our puppy!!! She is certainly very knowledgeable and great to work with – I will be working with her again to continue to refine my dogs behavior. -Lisa B.

Behavior Relief

  • House or potty training
  • Stealing your things
  • Chewing on the wrong things
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Mouthing, nipping and biting

Problem Prevention

  • Crate and alone time training
  • Love of grooming (brushing, etc.)
  • Love of nail clipping, ear cleaning, pilling, eye drops, etc.
  • Love of sharing (protect against food and toy aggression)
  • Socialization for an easy-going dog

Basic Manners

  • Sit and down
  • Relax on your dog bed
  • Attention
  • Recall (“Come”)
  • Leave it & Drop it
  • Nice leash walking

There are two ways to tackle your puppy training goals.

1. Take the Leash.

You Train.

I teach you to train your puppy.

  1. We get together for weekly sessions in your home and out and about (your neighborhood, busy streets, etc.) for a puppy who’s ready for real life
  2. I show you the tricks of the training trade, with a focus on socialization and manners
  3. You do the training homework during the week
  4. I support you along the way via email and phone for optimal results

Take the Leash Perks

  • Daily email access
  • Guaranteed weekly spot

Perfect for you if:

You’re actively interested in puppy training and have some time to spare

Fees & Process

We’ll start with an initial training session, then we’ll customize a dog training package specific to your needs and goals. Training is $90 for the initial puppy training consultation. At the end of the consultation, we discuss training programs that will achieve the goals that you have with your dog. Training program discounts are available. 

2. Hand over the Leash.

I Train For You.

I train your puppy for you.

  1. I work with your pup 2 to 5 times per week in your home and out and about for a puppy who’s ready for real life
  2. We meet once per week to transfer my training results to you
  3. You enjoy a well-behaved pup now and a well-adjusted dog for a lifetime

Hand Over the Leash Perks

  • Weekly video of training sessions
  • Cleaned water and food bowls
  • Daily potty break as part of each training session—great for faster housetraining
  • Peace of mind of knowing progress is being made while you’re at work!
  • Extensive socialization to help your puppy grow up into an easy-going, unflappable adult companion

Perfect for you if:

You’re as busy as most of my clients and want quick relief without all the work

Fees & Process

We’ll start with an initial training session, then we’ll customize a dog training package specific to your needs and goals. Training is $90 for the initial puppy training consultation. At the end of the consultation, we discuss training programs that will achieve the goals that you have with your dog. Training program discounts are available. 

Why Hand Me the Leash?

Most of my clients choose to Hand Over The Leash and have me do their training for them. You’re busy. And adding daily puppy training practice sessions to an already over-burdened schedule often just isn’t feasible.

Here are the advantages of letting me train for you:


Faster results


Stronger, more lasting results


Progress while you work


Better socialization—for a better adult companion

What is socialization…

Simply put, socialization is the process of teaching a puppy that her world is safe. That strangers are cool. That dogs come in all shapes and sizes and that they’re cool, too. That noisy restaurant patios and busy parks and neighborhoods are nothing to fear. That new experiences are fun.

…and why does it matter so much?

Puppies who aren’t properly socialized are much more likely to become adult dogs with behavior problems: Fearful dogs who bark and lunge at people and dogs. Or who hide behind their owners or balk at being taken for a walk.

A well-socialized pup is more likely to grow up into one of those dogs everyone wishes they had: Calm, cool, and collected. Easy-going and friendly. Up for anything and fazed by nothing.

If you’re too busy to get your puppy out every day, I strongly recommend choosing one of my Hand Over the Leash packages so I can help get your pup’s socialization done for you. There is no more important element of puppy training.