Rally Classes Near Me

Imagine you and your dog are on a walk. Your dog’s tail is wagging and their eyes are looking up at you with an adoring, unwavering gaze. You are smiling and your dog is cueing off of your voice and body. Both you and your dog are having a grand time. As a team you are tackling any obstacle that stands in your way.

If this sounds enjoyable, the sport of rally obedience is for you! Rally is a numbered obstacle course where the handler and dog team work together to complete all the obstacles, also called exercises, in order, doing heeling, circles, sit, down, jumps, walking backwards and more! The lower class levels of rally are on leash but the courses get longer and more challenging with the dog being off leash in the higher classes.

Rally is an ideal “gateway” sport for people who are interested in dog sports but are not sure how to get started. Rally is also a fantastic way to improve your dog’s leash walking and attention in a fun way. Our rally classes near me will teach your dog better listening skills, and teach you to better communicate with your dog. Whether your goals are for your dog to be a future rally champion or just improve your leash walking and attention, we look forward to helping you and your dog learn the exciting sport of rally through positive training methods.

Rally class starts on April 23rd, 2022 with orientation starting on April 20th. Don’t miss out on the fun to be had with your dog!


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