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Rally / Obedience Training Charlotte

Rally is the exciting sport of teaching your dog to walk next to you through an obstacle course and both dogs and handlers have a lot of fun! If you’re new to rally, you’re in for a treat. Rally builds your teamwork with your dog and tests your dog’s listening skills in a fun way. It involves numbered courses where the dog walks next to you  while you do fun moves like big circles, walking backwards, figure 8s and more! Rally obedience training Charlotte teaches your dog to listen to you off leash through an obstacle course and teaches your dog amazing leash walking skills.

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Upcoming Rally Class:

Fridays from 10 to 10:50 am.

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Let's build amazing focus and improve your dog's leash walking skills through this fun activity!

Rally Training Charlotte

Rally is the exciting sport of teaching your dog to listen to you off and on leash through an obstacle course. It’s a great way to improve your dog’s focus and teach your dog amazing leash walking skills.

Rally Novice Games: Improving your Dog’s Leash Walking and Focus

Let’s play games and have fun teaching our dog’s amazing focus and fantastic leash walking skills! Our Rally Novice Games class will focus on teaching nice leash walking skills, nice focus and you’ll learn the rally signs so your dog can be successful out on walks and in the Rally Novice ring.

The topics we go over during Rally obedience training class include:

  • Building amazing focus among other dogs, people and maybe even a dropped cookie on the floor
  • Building fantastic leash walking skills
  • Playing fun games to build your dog’s desire to cooperate with you and move with you on leash
  • How to teach your dog to turn left and right without bumping into them
  • Rally Novice signs

Prerequisite: Dogs need to be able to focus on you around other dogs. If your dog has been in a group class using reward based training techniques and your dog was successful at not excessively barking at the other dogs, your dog is a good fit for the Rally Novice Games class. Unsure about whether your dog is a good fit? Contact us to discuss your dog’s fit for the class.


Our Rally Novice Games Class includes 3 components:

  1. Online orientation to prepare our dogs for in person sessions
  2. Full access to our complete dog training online course to jumpstart your training success
  3. 6 weeks of in person Rally Novice Games Class

1. Orientation:

Video orientation to learn what to bring to class and how to set up your dog to learn the most in class

2. Complete dog training success online course

Our complete dog training video library gives you access to stop searching the internet and get the answers to your dog training needs right away. Just log into our Training Library, select the problem behavior and watch a video on how to get started addressing that issue with your own dog.  Get started right away! You get access right after you register.

3. Rally Novice Games in-person training sessions

Fridays from 10 to 10:50 at in our state of the art, fully-matted, fully-enclosed, outdoor covered building

Register now to get started on the path towards amazing focus and great leash walking skills through our Rally Novice Games!

Cost: $199 includes orientation, 6 weeks of training and your complete dog training success course.





What does rally involve?

To get started with rally obedience training, most people begin with basic manners dog training class. Some dogs qualify to jump right into Rally obedience training. Dogs need to be able to focus on you around other dogs and have a great foundation in leash walking at your side past dogs without being prompted to, sit and stay while you look at other things, leave it, and come when called. Email us if you think your dog has the foundation skills necessary to start now with Rally obedience training Charlotte classes.

The topics we go over during Rally obedience training class include:

In rally obedience training, your dog will learn how to pivot with you for left turns, perform the rally obedience training signs, practice polite crate training skills, and learn how to enter the ring focused on you. During this class, we work through the tasks and skills needed to do well during a Rally novice course setting the stage for all levels of Rally obedience.

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Where are your obedience training Charlotte classes?

Our Charlotte dog training classes are held in a state of the art dog training facility in Mount Holly, NC near the Charlotte airport. Our classes are designed to help owners succeed in training their dogs. 

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Rally Obedience Training Signs

  • Sit, down and stand in heel position
  • Come to the front of the handler
  • Walk an obstacle course with the handler while in heel position
  • And more!