Reserve Your Spot!

To help us plan, you’ll receive a $100 discount (or $50 discount on small programs) on the training program you choose if we are informed that you’d like to proceed with a training program within 3 days of our initial training session.

We can’t wait to give you the freedom and peace of mind that comes from a well-trained dog!

Price: $ 200.00

Imagine What Training Can Do For You


Getting the right attention

Imagine all of your dog’s bad behaviors gone and hearing compliments on your dog’s good behavior from your friends and family.


Not being embarrassed by your dog's behavior

Imagine being able to take your dog new places and being proud of your dog’s behavior. Imagine having visitors over and hearing compliments on your dog’s great manners from your friends and family.


Enjoy the freedom of bringing your dog with you

Enjoy the freedom of bringing your well-mannered dog with you! Hiking, restaurants, breweries, and events are more enjoyable with a well-mannered dog.


Playing in the park

Imagine being able to enjoy playing with your dog in the park without worrying that he will run off and not come when called.

Deposit Policies:

Deposits are not refundable.

Cancellations without adequate notice result in not being able to fill that time slot and not being able to get that training opportunity time back.

  • Rescheduling with more than 72-hour notice is no charge.
  • Rescheduling with more than 48 hour notice and less than 3 days’ notice is a $20 fee.
  • Rescheduling with less than 48 hour notice is a $75 fee or a forfeit of the training session.
  • No call, no show appointments are charged the full lesson cost.
  • Outdoor lessons will be rescheduled the day of the session by the trainer if it is raining. Outdoor lessons are typically scheduled early afternoons and Saturdays. Summer outdoor lessons are scheduled late in the evening or Saturday mornings.