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One on One Sessions

Time: 30 minute sessions starting at 10 am
Dates: Saturday,
Location: Julian, NC at Quicksilver Canine

It’s your choice! Pick the skills that you want to go over with your dog and we will spend 30 minutes working on those skills. We can work on start line stays, sticking contacts with adding distractions, adding distance to behaviors, foundation skills for rally and obedience, weaning off of rewards, arousal management, building confidence, reward placement, clear communication, heeling, fronts and finishes, tricks for freestyle, open and utility exercises and many more. Our one on one sessions are done seminar style. If you don’t have extra time, you can arrive just for your lesson. Or you can watch all of the handler’s lessons to learn as much as possible.

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Build Your Bubble: Teaching Your Dog to Ignore Distractions

Dates: Starting in October
Location: Greater Columbia Dog Training Club

We are teaching a 4 week class in Columbia starting in October on teaching your dog to be resilient to distractions. Keep an eye on the website for more information!

Dog Training Seminars and Events

Learn from the best! Host Mariah for a competition obedience or trick training dog training seminar near you!

Mariah offers dog training seminars on a number of positive reinforcement topics, including tricks, competition obedience, and more. She is currently available for 2018. Please contact her to schedule a dog training seminar!

Dog Training Seminar Topics

Impulse control and Stays

In this 2-part dog training seminar, we go over teaching stays with duration, distractions, distance, different locations, and generalization. We build the foundation pieces to successful stays and we add proofing. Down stays, sit stays, stand stays, stays within the novice and open exercises and more, stays with distractions in motion, stays with pressure behind the dog are all covered.

The second half of this dog training seminar includes impulse control games with food and toys. We cover games to build self-control at home — food in the hand, food on the floor, toys in hand, toys on the floor, food in motion on the floor and toys in motion. Then we cover games to add work to toys and food on the floor.

Foundations in Ring Readiness!

This dog training seminar looks at the big picture for getting into the ring with your dog: confidence, motivation, skills, fluency, proofing, sequencing and weaning off rewards. We will go over clean training using markers and rewards, putting a behavior on a verbal cue, weaning off of body language cues, building fluency for the behavior, generalizing the behavior, building reliability, adding distractions and backchaining reliable behaviors to a reward off of the handler’s body.

We play fun games to build our dog’s reliability positively by setting the dog up to succeed and build confidence! We will start with behaviors that don’t require duration. We will practice building reliability with distractions such as food, scent and toy distractions, spacial pressure, distance, stationary visual distractions and visual distractions in motion. Once the dog is able to do a stationary skill with that distraction, then we will work on skills that require duration such as contacts, one jump exercises, stays, fronts, wrap a cone/ jump and short heeling patterns. 

Obedience Team Skillbuilding 1

We will go over teaching the key elements to rally, novice, open and utility. Around the clock find heel position, around the clock find front position, go around a cone, tuck sit, fold-back down, beginning scent discrimination, back up, send to target, beginning go outs, jumping form, touch retrieve item with mouth, introducing stay, cookie jar games with sit and down.

Obedience Team Skillbuilding 2

We will go over the next steps to teaching the key elements of rally, novice, open and utility. Heeling pivots on and off of a platform, front on a pivot disk, around the clock finish, stand, sit and down in heel position with handler marching in place, send to target then do 2 cued behaviors, mark an object, high or broad jump, hold or retrieve an object, intermediate scent discrimination, remain in position with handler’s back to the dog with a food distraction, cookie jar games with find heel, adding distractions to the skills from team 1

Obedience Team Skillbuilding 3

Heelwork in motion, retrieve an item with distractions, stand, sit and down on a platform, position changes with handler proofing, send to target, send around cone, stays while handler moves equipment, jump with target and cone, stand with distractions, recall with distractions, diagonal and sidestep fronts, circle fronts, finish with distractions, cookie jar games with front on a platform

Trick training through targeting and luring

Trick training with luring- side, close, through, between, front, hand touch, leg weaves, sit pretty, stand tall, spin left and right, Shoulder targets, chin targets, foot targets, nose targets- obedience can be taught purely through target training

What can be taught through targeting? 4 feet on or in an object, platform, 2o2o, shake and wave, sit pretty, stand tall, turn quickly after picking up an object, go outs, directed jumping, glove exercise, stand exercise, heeling pivots, heeling about turns, heeling left turns


  • Shaping
  • Criteria 
  • Stimulus Control 
  • Targeting
  • Fluency
  • Tricks
  • Retrieving
  • Motivation
  • Focus
  • Impulse Control
  • Heeling
  • Recalls
  • Confidence building
  • Ring Nerves (confidence building for humans!)
  • Teaching clicker classes
  • Any obedience or rally exercise (stays, scent discrimination, jumping, etc)
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Reach out to discuss her availability and let her know what topic you’re interested in. 

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