Stay is a great behavior to teach your dog. It is incredibly helpful to eliminate a multitude of undesired behaviors such as door bolting, counter surfing and begging. Here are some other scenarios where practicing a stay is beneficial.
  1. To teach the dog not to jump up on peopleDogs staying for a picture
  2. To teach calm greetings of guests
  3. To teach calmness around children
  4. To teach calmness around the house cats
  5. To teach calmness during office work
  6. To teach calmness on movie night
  7. To teach calmness while dogs are walking by on the other side of the street
  8. To teach calmness while the leash is being put on for a walk
  9. To teach thoughtfulness when playing tug
  10. To address ankle biting
  11. For safety when opening the front door
  12. To eliminate counter surfing in the kitchen
  13. To eliminate being in the way in the kitchen
  14. To address the dog sticking their nose in the dishwasher and licking the clean dishes
  15. To address the dog being nosy with the trash can and the fridge
  16. To teach the dog to be calm while you are preparing the dog’s dinner
  17. To teach self-control during meal times
  18. To teach the dog not to bolt out the front door
  19. To teach the dog not to bolt out of the garage door
  20. To teach the dog not to bolt out of the gate
  21. To teach invisible boundaries such as don’t enter the kitchen
  22. Prerequisite skill to teaching the dog not to leave the unfenced yard
  23. It’s a helpful skill when teaching calmness during nail trims
  24. It’s a helpful skill when teaching calmness while being brushed
  25. It’s a helpful skill when teaching calmness during haircuts and bath time
On July 22nd, my class “Should I Stay or Should I Go” opens for registration. It is an online class where you can learn all about teaching stay with distractions, distance, duration, environments. We will go over sit stays, stand stays, down stays, and 2on 2 off for agility contacts. Learn more about how online classes can accelerate your learning here. Learn more about “Should I Stay or Should I Go“!
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