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Charlotte Dog Training Manners Class

Need better manners with your dog?  

Does your dog selectively listen to you? Do you need your dog to learn to walk better on leash, greet people calmly, come when called and settle down? Live a happier life with a dog who has learned good manners.  

Charlotte Dog Training Manners Class

Manners Classes starting soon!

Fridays from noon to 12:50 pm

Contact us to learn when your dog could begin classes! 

Charlotte Dog Training Manners Class

Let’s get started teaching your dog good manners! In our Manners class, we teach stay on your bed, leash walking, come when called, leave it, sit and down. We teach you how to address common undesired behaviors too.
In our Charlotte Dog Training Manners Class, we go over:
  • Greet people politely
  • Doorbell manners
  • Sit, come when called
  • Loose leash walking
  • Barking prevention and treatment
  • Lay down on your bed and settle
  • We discuss what skills we can use when out and about with our dogs including:
    • At a vet clinic
    • At an outdoor cafe with our dogs
    • At an outdoor park
    • At home relaxing
    • At home cooking dinner
  • We also discuss the Canine good citizen skills

For safety, this class is for dogs who are friendly and happy and possibly overly excited when another dog says hello on the leash. Please contact us for an assessment if you do not know what your dog would do if a friendly dog ran up to them to say hello. 

Let’s start your dog on the right path to amazing manners so your dog can go on adventures everywhere that you want to go together!

Our Manners and More Training Success Class includes 3 components:

  1. Online orientation to prepare our dogs for in person sessions
  2. Full access to our complete dog training online course to jumpstart your training success
  3. 6 weeks of in person Manners and More sessions

1. Orientation:

We offer a video orientation for you to learn what you need to bring to class and how to set your dog up for success. You get access right after you register for class. How convenient! 

2. Complete dog training success online course


Our complete dog training video library gives you access to stop searching the internet and get the answers to your dog training needs right away. Just log into our Training Library, select the problem behavior and watch a video on how to get started addressing that issue with your own dog.  Get started right away! You get access right after you register.

 3. Six weeks of in-person training sessions:

Fridays from noon to 12:50 pm at 2148 old hickory grove Mount Holly, NC in our state of the art, fully-matted, outdoor covered building.

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