Imagine if you and your dog spoke the same language....

It’s possible. And we’ll show you how.

Is your dog barking and pulling on leash towards other dogs?

Does your dog refuse to come when you call?

Is your dog jumping up on every person who comes over to the house?

Have you stopped taking your dog places because her behavior is too embarrassing?


We can help! With 14 years of dog training experience, we have seen it all and have helped families just like yours.


In Home Dog Training

In home training gets the fastest results and easily works around your schedule! In home lessons allow you to work on skills that simply aren’t possible to practice in a group setting.

Leash Reactivity and Behavior Change

Is your dog lunging and barking on leash? Growling or lunging at people or other dogs? Barking nonstop? We know it’s frustrating. We can help!

Dog Sports Training

Do you compete in obedience, rally or agility? Learn more about our upcoming seminars, online classes and webinars!

Before training with Mariah, Teddy would respond aggressively to everything. He had pulled me down repeatedly lunging at people, joggers, bicyclists, and other dogs and the last time he pulled me down, I broke my arm and had to have surgery. Mariah did a magnificent job helping me train Teddy. We’re now enjoying walks together – even in crowded areas with dogs, people and bicyclists. We go to the park and we go downtown and we go everywhere now. I’m so grateful that we could accomplish so much! Thanks, Mariah! — Melanie M.

About Mariah Hinds

With over 14 years experience training and working with dogs, Mariah has handled every problem a dog can have. She is certified by the Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Mariah is also an avid dog sports competitor and recently achieved first place in Open out of 100 dogs in a statewide competition.

So, whether you are looking for great pet training or high levels of competition obedience, she is just a quick call away from helping you.



Pet Dog Manners

Mariah offers in home pet obedience classes in the Charlotte area.


Aggressive Dog Training

Mariah helps families every day with dogs who are anxious, aggressive or fearful.


Positive, Science-based Training Methods

We don’t use physical corrections because it’s simply more effective and more efficient to train using only positive reinforcement and life rewards for good behavior.

By the time Dolly was 4 months old, she was jumping on us, biting us, leaping off of the back of the couch and harassing us during our dinners even though she had already had dinner. Mariah was great. In no time, she had Dolly greeting us politely, staying on a mat while we ate and no more biting or death leaps from the couch! — Bryann S.

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In Home Dog Training for Pet Dog Manners and Aggressive Dogs