Foundation & Problem Solving for Rally & Competition Obedience

Location: Catawba, SC

Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Dates: Tuesday, January 9 – February 13

Do you want to improve your dog’s understanding of where heel position is? Do you want to teach the foundation exercises for success in rally and competition obedience? Is your dog lacking in reliability for a rally or competition obedience skill? We will work on problem solving issues for Rally, Novice, Open and Utility. We will also build the foundation exercises such as tuck sits, fold back downs, back up without handler pressure, engagement, stays, fronts, go outs, jump foundation skills, go to an object (go out foundation) and scent discrimination. This class can be repeated until your dog has earned the TEAM 1 obedience title.

Cost: $125

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