Dog Aggression on Leash Training

Like a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the dog with dog aggression dog is calm, cool, and maybe even downright polite when walking among people or around dogs off leash. But hook on a leash, and he lunges, barks, and snaps at the sight of another dog. … A combination of frustration and tension, dog aggression on leash is a common problem. Our Dog Aggression training program will transform your dog from lunging towards and barking viciously at other dogs to calm and happy to see other dogs! 

Rest assured, dog aggression towards other dogs is a common dog behavior challenge. We can help. That being said, this is a serious issue that needs addressing as soon as possible – the longer you wait, and the more it happens, the more effort it takes to change the behavior. A dog showing dog aggression can bite other dogs and even bite dog owners nearby. Don’t lose your home because your dog bit the wrong dog or bit a person trying to break up the fight.

We can help. Let us transform your dog from showing dog aggression issues, such as lunging, growling and barking to walking calmly past every dog and eager to make new friends.

Signs your dog have a dog aggression problem:


Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs on the leash?


Does your dog bark at everything that passes by your house?


Is your dog friendly with dogs off leash and unfriendly on leash?


Are you afraid to introduce your dog to other dogs because your dog might bite?


Are you afraid your dog is going to get loose and bite another dog and you'll be sued?

One on One Dog Training for the most effective change of dog aggression behaviors:



We schedule our sessions when it works for you!


We customize our sessions to meet your dog’s training needs and your training goals.

Environment Learning

We train where the problems occur. When we need to address dog aggression, we meet in locations where there are other dogs.


Time Efficient

Your time is valuable. In home training ensures that you get the information that you need in an efficient manner.

Family Friendly

We work with all the members of the family.


Group dog training classes can be great, but too often the results stay behind in the classroom. Instead, let’s do the training where you need your dog to behave his best—wherever that may be.

Let's get started addressing your dog's dog aggression!

Mariah is a great balance of encouraging and humorous which works well when you have THREE dachshunds that all have different needs. She works well with my teenager with reactivity issues, my old-souled fearful girl that is scared of her own shadow and my new puppy teaching her general manners and obedience. I have tried other trainers. Mariah definitely hits the mark with her positive reinforcement and patience while training the humans and the dogs in the house. -Michelle G.
Mariah is as much people trainer as she is a dog trainer. We have used her in-home training services for the foundation skills and commands as well as her group classes for both of rescue dogs. One of the benefits of the latter for us is the ability for one of our dogs – who has a hard time meeting new dogs on the leash – to socialize with other dogs in a structured environment. On top of all the training, she always does a great job with follow-up and additional educational material. I wish training with Mariah was mandatory for all new dog owners. -Jack T.
Fantastic positive reinforcement techniques proved to be incredibly effective for my high-energy yet shy chihuahua-mix who had a fear of others’ hands (a problem that sometimes led her to snap at other people!). I highly recommend the Mariah Hinds to anyone who is seeking behavioral modification for their pup(s). Thank you, Mariah! – Crystal P.
Teddy, a rescued Australian Shepherd mix, has several fear issues and would respond aggressively, but Mariah was terrific at introducing him to new situations slowly and teaching me how to look for his cues and ease his anxieties. We’re now enjoying walks together – even in crowded areas with numerous triggers. -Melanie M.
After becoming aggressive towards several of my friends, I was desperate to find someone to help Barney and I. Since Barney’s very first training session with Mariah, I have seen great changes in him. His confidence has increased, he is able to calm down easier, he is less anxious, and he is overall a happier and friendlier dog. -Marissa Z.
His over all anxiety is down! Thank you so much for taking the time to train with me and mister Harvey! We appreciate you and will recommend you to anyone who is having behavior problems! -Mary H.