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New puppies sure are cute but with those razor sharp teeth and peeing everywhere, it’s very smart to start with Puppy Training Charlotte nc shortly after your puppy comes home. Our puppy kindergarten charlotte nc courses teach your puppy the skills to be an amazing, well-behaved puppy! Our puppy training near me programs include: 

Trying to juggle your busy life and the puppy? Contact us about Puppy School for a well-behaved puppy!

Puppy obedience training Charlotte nc

Need help with puppy potty training near me?

Let's get started teaching your puppy the skills necessary to be a well-behaved companion for life with puppy classes near me!

How does Puppy training charlotte nc work?

Got a Puppy? Need to find other puppies for your puppy to play with? Want to get started on the right foot? Need some puppy playmates? Is your puppy practicing being a rock or a kite on the leash- either not walking at all or pulling everywhere? Is your puppy biting and nipping? Potty training problems? Look no further for your puppy classes charlotte nc! 

Let’s get started teaching your puppy to pay attention to you, keep their teeth off of you and listen to you on the leash.

Puppy class is for puppies under 6 months old at the start of class. For older puppies, check out our manners class.

The topics we go over during Training Success online sessions:

Potty training
Puppy biting
Home alone: Teaching your puppy to be calm and happy while confined in a crate or room
Don’t touch that. Don’t put that in your mouth
Greeting people calmly instead of jumping up
Pulling on leash
Chill out and relax
Barking: prevention and treatment

The topics we go over during Play and Manners in person sessions:
Socialization and puppy play
Confidence building with everyday items such as vacuums, mops and brooms
Focus on me around other dogs and people
Greet people politely
Doorbell manners
Sit, come when called
Loose leash walking
Barking prevention and treatment
Fear and aggression prevention
Lay down on your bed and settle

Let’s start your puppy on the right path to amazing manners so your dog can go on adventures everywhere that you want to go together!

Check out our Puppy School Training Program!

Puppy obedience training Charlotte nc