Charlotte Dog Training Programs

To get started with our dog training programs, please

  1. Contact us via email so we can see if we can help
  2. Schedule your initial in-home dog training session
  3. At the end of our training session, we can discuss what skills your dog will learn with each of our training programs. We offer Puppy Training Day School, 3 lesson in-home packages or individual sessions.

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Cancellation Policy:



In order to provide the best scheduling flexibility and one on one time for the clients that we serve, we do require 72 hours notice for cancellations.





  • Rescheduling with more than 72-hour notice is no charge.
  • Rescheduling with less than 72 hour notice is a $75 fee or a forfeit of the training session.
  • No call, no show appointments are charged the full lesson cost.
  • Outdoor lessons will be rescheduled the day of the session by the trainer if it is raining.




Liability Terms of service:


I agree to take full and total responsibility for my dog at all times. I hereby waive and release Mariah Hinds, Mariah Hinds Dog Training, property or business the training is located at, all owners and other animals in attendance, and any of the above mentioned employees, owners, and agents from any and all liability of any nature for injury or damage which I or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, and I expressly assume the risk of any such damage or injury while attending the training session or training class, while supervising or interacting with a dog while on the grounds or surrounding area thereto. In consideration of my attendance and participation in training classes, I waive the right from any and all claims or claims by any member of my family or any other person who is present for training lessons.

  1. I understand that attendance and participation in any dog training program is not without risk to myself and/ or to guests that are present. I further understand that my personal dog is at risk when any other dog is present and I may bring home an illness due to working around other dogs.
  2. Lifetime Follow-up sessions are for skills that were covered within the training program: sit, down, stay, come, drop it, walk nicely on a leash, don’t put that in your mouth. One follow up session can be done once every 3 months. The session will be done through live video conferencing. This is available for the life of the dog.
  3. Mariah Hinds Dog Training has found that half way through training most owners feel relieved that their dog’s behavior is improving. If training is ended at that time, the dog inevitably backslides into their prior bad habits.
  4. Training sessions cannot be refunded.
  5. Unused training sessions will not be refunded.
  6. Training sessions expire 12 months from the date of purchase.
  7. If a client falls off of the training schedule, it is the client’s responsibility to contact the trainer to schedule the next training session.
  8. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Mariah Hinds Dog Training of any changes regarding the dog’s behavior and other pertinent information.
  9. I agree to allow Mariah Hinds Dog Training to discuss history, protocol, family dynamics and any pertinent information with their veterinarian, appropriate animal professionals, family members, etc. as applicable.
  10. Mariah Hinds Dog Training reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, at its sole discretion and refund the monies paid for future services (if applicable) back to the dog’s owner.
  11. All of the information I have given about my dog(s) is correct and does not exclude important information such as aggression.
  12. These Terms of Service constitute the sole and only agreements concerning the terms of this contract. Any prior agreements, whether oral or in writing, shall be void and of no further affect. This contract may only be modified in writing and signed by all parties to this agreement.

Keys to Training Success

  • We haven’t been able to create any dog training programs that don’t need owner involvement to ensure that the dog also learns that it is fun and rewarding to listen to you when the trainer isn’t there. 
    • Incorporating training into the routine (during walks and playtime, meal preparation, etc) is really important. 
    • Training the skills 10-15 minutes per day is typically all that is needed to make sure that the dog learns how fun it is to do what you ask. 
  • Our programs work best if we have a primary person who we always meet with to do our dog training review sessions. Additional people are definitely encouraged to be involved in the training process. 
    • If we’ve been meeting with the primary person and then the primary person isn’t available, we’re going to lose training progress. For example if we’re on week 3 of training, then meeting with a new person means that we’re going to need to help that person learn the skills we went over in week 1 and 2 and we won’t be able to be as thorough with the week 3 skills that your dog learned. That means your dog knows the skill but it was lost because we weren’t able to show you how to continue reinforcing that skill.  
  • The transfer sessions are the most important key to success for the Dream Team program and the Dependable dog program. It isn’t helpful to you if your dog is great at listening to the trainer but you don’t know how to get the dog to do the skill that you want. 
    • Some training progress is going to be lost if the transfer sessions need to be rescheduled. 
    • Rescheduling transfer sessions typically means that we have to wait an additional 5-7 days. During that time, your dog isn’t practicing the skill. We’ve also found that lots of other things are happening so when we finally get to that transfer session, we don’t get to spend as much time as needed on the skills we started the dog on so that information is lost.  
    • We understand that life happens but we really want your dog to have the best progress possible. Canceling or rescheduling the transfer sessions will significantly slow down your dog’s training progress. 
    • Let’s schedule the transfer sessions carefully to ensure the best success with your dog.  


  • We want to see our clients have the optimal success with their dogs. We understand that if you knew how to train the dog, you wouldn’t need us so we offer lots of various options to get the training information you need to help you and your dog become a great team together. 
  • Dog training video library– We have a full dog training video library to help guide you through the training process.    
    • When you are having a problem with the dog, it will be very helpful to you to login to the website and look for the solution there. Watching the corresponding video or explanation will enable us to spend less time discussing the solutions at our next training session which will free us up to do more hands-on training time with your dog. 
    • Our Client Happiness Coordinator will email you access and login information shortly after you sign up.  
  • Online dog training sessions– Want to increase how much progress your dog makes within our training programs by double? Come to our online dog training sessions. Mariah appears live on zoom video to talk thoroughly about a dog training topic (there are 6 topics, the dates and topics will be emailed to you shortly after you sign up). She demonstrates the skill and talks about the skill so you know how to best handle that situation when you encounter it with your dog. If you attend these sessions live, then you get to ask questions about the topic as well. 
    • Attending these sessions enables us to spend more time working on hands-on skills. We don’t have to spend as much time talking about the skill during our transfer sessions and more importantly, we don’t have to revisit the skill multiple times since you learned about the skill thoroughly during our online training session.  
    • For the best results, attend these online sessions as soon as possible. If you can’t attend live, we do email you the video recording as well. 
    • The online training sessions are every Tuesday night at 6:30 pm. Our Client Happiness Coordinator will email you the topics and dates shortly after you sign up and will send the video recording for those 6 topics.  


Exercise, enrichment and chewing needs

  • Dogs all have their own individual needs. Even dogs of the same breed can be vastly different in exercise, enrichment and chewing needs. 
    • If we aren’t meeting our dog’s needs then eventually there will be problems. For example, puppies who aren’t getting their chewing needs and their play or enrichment needs met while they are teething, are going to chew and puppy bite people more often. 
    • Most adult dogs (and the occasional puppy) can handle a few days or a week of not having enough exercise or mental enrichment but consistently not getting enough will result in the dog finding their own puzzle to figure out and their own way to get tired and it probably won’t be through a desired behavior. 
    • Sometimes, people get a dog thinking that it’s going to have the enrichment and exercise needs of a mellow lap dog but the dog has the enrichment and exercise needs of an endurance athlete. We can’t change what the dog’s needs are. 
    • We can definitely help you teach your dog how to be calm and we can show you how to fulfill your dog’s exercise and enrichment needs in a way that fits your schedule. Gratefully, in a lot of situations, the dog needs more mental enrichment and not as much exercise as the owners think. But sometimes there is a mismatch between the owner’s expectations and the dog’s needs.  


  • For our Dream Team and Dependable dog programs, the first training session after the consultation we will need you for about 20 minutes. We’ll need to show you how to help your dog choose to greet without jumping up, mouthing or barking excessively and we’ll need to discuss what words you want us to teach your dog to respond to.  
  • For our Dream team and Dependable dog programs, we begin with scheduling training three times a week. 
    • The first session of the week, we appreciate hearing what you want us to focus on training for the week. We can also have this discussion via text message.
      • If you are going to be home, we need you for the first 10 minutes to work on polite greetings at the door and then we can work with the dog alone or while you watch.  
    • The second session of the week, we will work on what we collectively have decided to train for the week. 
      • Adding additional skills to work on midway through the week slows down progress. 
      • If you are going to be home, we need you for the first 10 minutes to work on polite greetings at the door and then we can work with the dog alone or while you watch. 
    • The third session of the week, we do the dog training transfer sessions. That’s where we show you how to get your dog to respond to the games and skills we worked on for the week. 
      • The transfer sessions are the most important key to success with the Dream Team and Dependable dog programs. In order for you to see the best results, we need the primary person’s full attention and cooperation during these sessions.  
  • Scheduling is customized towards the curriculum for optimal success with your dog. If we find that you need more time between sessions, then we will recommend scheduling with the sessions more spread out to make sure that you are getting to that optimal success rate with your dog. 
    • 6 weeks of training 3 times a week is the rough outline of the Dream Team program. It’s a total of 24 training sessions. 
    • 3 weeks of training 3 times a week is the rough outline of the Dependable Dog program. It’s a total of 12 training sessions.  
    • As your dog progresses, we prefer to give you more time to practice the skill between sessions. That allows you to integrate training into your routine and it also enables us to problem solve more issues as you move towards your dog being eager to cooperate with you in multiple environments and scenarios.

Let us help you achieve your dreams of a well-trained dog!

Lifetime Access

Don’t forget! You get training access for the life of your dog. If there is a training concern that comes up over the years, you have lifetime access to training with me. • Video, phone or email training access for the life of your dog for behaviors we worked on with the Unlimited Dog Program • Phone or email training access for the life of your dog for behaviors we worked on with the Dependable Dog Program • Email training access for the life of your dog for behaviors we worked on with the Nice Dog Program

Walk nicely on leash

• Politely pass and or greet people in a store or shopping plaza • Ignore trash hidden in the grass • Listen to you near other dogs near the dog park • Walk next to you on leash past distractions • Peacefully pass barking dogs in the neighborhood • Walk past goose poop and trash hidden in the grass • Walk politely at the park or greenway past kids, bicyclists and other dogs

Come when called

• Dropped the leash at the park, come when called • Stop barking at the neighbor in the backyard & come • Squirrels, racoons, and bunnies, ignore them & come • Dropped the leash at home depot, come when called • Don’t run away when we walk from the car to the house without a leash • Emergency come when called without food rewards on hand


• Don’t beg while we eat dinner • Stay on your bed while I’m cooking, cleaning or eating • Stay for 5 minutes even if I go out of sight • I’m leaving. Don’t follow me • I’m going to grab a package from the doorway. Don’t run out of the house. • Garage door is open, stay there and don’t run away

Solve Problems

• Don’t jump up on people • Don’t put your feet on the counters or tables • Puppy biting and mouthing • Don’t pull on the leash • Quiet. Don’t bark excessively • Drop it and don’t steal things • Potty training and signaling • Reliable for all behaviors at home, on walks and in public. Weaned off of food for most skills • Addressing simple and complex problem behaviors thoroughly.