Board and Train Charlotte NC

We’re often asked why we don’t offer Dog Board and Train Charlotte NC. We’ve found that the results just don’t last. People are happy with the results initially but can’t get the dog to listen to them after a few short weeks.

Pros of Board and Train:

  • It sounds magical! Minimal effort, maximum results
  • The trainer does the training

Cons of Dog Board and Train charlotte nc:

  • The dog doesn’t learn to listen to you
  • The dog doesn’t learn to do what you want the dog to do where it matters
  • The dog or puppy spends weeks away from you
  • It’s often just too good to be true!


What works better than Board and Train that won't take all my time?

Our Charlotte Puppy School gets you the results where you need them, with minimal effort from you and maximum results and we make sure that the dog gets trained and listens to you!

Pros of Charlotte Puppy School:

  • The trainer does the training
  • The puppy learns to listen to a variety of people including you
  • The puppy learns to listen in real world environments such as shopping plazas
  • Your dog isn’t shipped away to some stranger
  • You get a tired, trained puppy at the end of every day
  • Your dog gets trained!

Cons of Charlotte Puppy School: 

  • We encourage you to start your puppy as early as possible– this will both save you the headache of puppy antics and establish good habits early on. Space is limited, so please inquire right away.
    •  Puppies can join as early as 8 weeks of age.
    • If your puppy is already a little older, no problem, pups can join up to 5 months.

How does the Charlotte Puppy School program work?

Puppy School is a comprehensive program that teaches your puppy the skills for a great life with you! And saves you loads of time and energy. 


  • Puppies join us twice a week for four weeks and work on basic manners, socialization and confidence building.
  • We teach the puppies their names, to come when called, sit, down, stay, place, leave it, and drop it.
  • We go on daily field trips into the community to work on leash walking and real world applications of the skills they are learning throughout the program.
  • To make everything better, we take care of pick up and drop off so puppies come home tired and ready to practice these skills with their people.
  • It’s like dog board and train since your puppy is getting intensive training every day of Puppy School but you get to see your puppy every day!

What are the benefits to our Charlotte Puppy School Program?

  • Peace of mind of knowing your dog is getting trained even when you’re busy
  • Puppy socialization! Your puppy will be make new friends and learn how to socialize.
  • Bad behaviors end quickly and you get to enjoy your puppy’s good habits
  • Your puppy gets the best start for the best chance at being a well-behaved adult dog
  • You know your dog is being trained  using gentle, effective, positive-reinforcement training techniques to achieve lifelong results and a relaxed dog
  • 24 hour access to our training videos and guides
  • Your puppy will come home after school tired! The puppy with tons of energy who wanted to play and run around your house in the morning will be ready to cuddle with you after a full day of Puppy School.
Puppy socialization classes

With our dog board and train charlotte nc program, we’ll make sure:

  • The puppy learns the behaviors you need
  • The training gets done so the puppy can do what you want
  • The puppy learns to listen to a multiple trainers so the puppy has an easier time listening to you
  • The puppy is reliable at listening!
dog board and train charlotte nc

Alternative to Board and Train Charlotte NC

We offer pick up and drop off for Charlotte Puppy School for:

  • South Charlotte
  • Lake Wylie
  • SouthPark
  • Ballantyne
  • Fort Mill
  • Tega Cay
  • Rock Hill
  • Pineville
  • Noda
  • Plaza Midwood
  • South End
  • Dilworth
  • Cotswold
  • Freedom Park
  • Charlotte Center City
Puppy board and train near me

Don't ship your dog off to Board and Train Dog Training Charlotte NC. Get the best training results with Charlotte Puppy School!

Charlotte Puppy School is a great alternative to Board and Train Dog Training Charlotte NC

Get even better training results without sending your dog to Board and Train Near me. Along with puppy socialization classes and puppy kindergarten charlotte nc, let us teach your puppy these skills at Charlotte Puppy School:

  • Leave it- drop the item in your mouth
  • Leave it- don’t put that item in your mouth
  • Walk next to me- individual leash walking sessions to public places
  • Stay while I put a full food bowl down- don’t move until “go play”
  • Stay while I put the leash on and take it off- don’t move until “go play”
  • Don’t run out the door when I tell you not to go out the door
  • Come when called- come away from the other puppies
  • Lie down
  • Sit
  • Don’t jump up on people
  • Potty training
  • Puppy biting and handling
  • Puppy socialization and play with other puppies
  • Crate training
  • And more!
Dog board and train charlotte nc

Dog board and train near me

Don’t send your dog away. Get amazing training results that you need with Puppy kindergarten charlotte nc and Puppy training charlotte nc!

board and train dog training charlotte nc