Charlotte dog training classes

Dog training classes charlotte

We don’t currently have any group dog training classes on the schedule. Check out our Puppy training charlotte nc training programs!

Our dog training classes charlotte nc are designed to help owners succeed in training their dogs. Our expert trainers use reward-based techniques to teach everything from puppy training classes charlotte nc to manners to rally to agility and nosework. All of our programs focus on building the bond between the pet and their owner for a lifelong relationship.  Select among the options to schedule your private dog obedience training charlotte nc training sessions with your dog.

Pet Manners dog training classes charlotte nc


Our Pet Manners dog training classes charlotte nc teach your dog to be a well-behaved family dog. From puppies to rowdy adolescents and recent rescued dogs, we can give you the tools to help your dog listen to you. Start here with Charlotte dog training before working your way up to more advanced courses.

Rally Dog Obedience Classes

The exciting sport of rally obedience teaches your dog to walk with you around an obstacle course. It’s a fun way to take that beautiful leash walking that we’ve taught and make a game out of it. Since there isn’t a lot of running, it’s a great activity to do for people and dogs of all ages. Join us in teaching your dog beautiful rally heeling.

Therapy Dog Training Classes

Any dog that loves people and tolerates other dogs can be a therapy dog! Therapy dogs are trained to bring joy and comfort to patients in hospice, the hospital, children and at the airport. love and joy to patients in hospitals, hospice and more. Therapy dog certification says that your dog has excellent manners and listens well to you. Learn more about our Therapy dog training classes.

Dog agility course charlotte nc

Running, jumping, and playing with you! Agility is a fun active sport that teaches your dog to listen to you while running through tunnels, going over big obstacles and staying connected with you. Our Charlotte dog agility training classes are a fun way to wear out your dog, get them the exercise they need, and they’re fun for you too!

Tricks and service dog training charlotte nc

Do you need NC Service dog training? Our service dog training classes teach you how to train your dog to assist you for the tasks that you need to make your life better and make your dog’s life better through having the best relationship with you possible. Learn more about our Service dog training Charlotte NC classes!

Nosework and Barnhunt classes

Did you know that dogs can smell in and out at the same time? Their noses are capable of awesome things. Sniffing new things and figuring out sniffing puzzles is the best way to wear out a really energetic dog. It’s also a great way to build confidence and help a dog learn to focus in new locations. Learn more about Nosework and Barnhunt training for your dog!

It was awesome. -Kory P.

She was soooo patient with us. -Katy H.

We now have a well behaved dog! -Sara C.

dog training classes charlotte nc