Coming in 2022! Fun group dog training classes

  •  Dog Agility class
  • Nosework class
  • Rally obedience class
  • Trick dog training class

Build your dog’s fun and focus with training games!

Walk with me obstacle courses, scent games, trick training, and more!

More Fun with Your Dog

Learning doesn’t have to end with people when we become adults and it also doesn’t have to end with our dogs. We can continue learning together to enhance the bond and teach fun tricks and behaviors. Amazing leash skills make taking your dog shopping with you a lot easier. They are also required for therapy dog work, service dog work, and it is really helpful for dog agility training. Rally is a fun way to get started!

Dog Agility Training

Agility is a fun active sport that teaches your dog to jump, run, and listen to you while running through tunnels, going over big obstacles and staying connected with you.

Rally Obedience

Rally is an exciting sport that builds your teamwork and tests your dog’s basic manners in a fun way. It involves numbered courses where the dog walks next to you  while you do fun moves like big circles, walking backwards, figure 8s and more! Rally is a fun sport for both dogs and their people!

Nosework Training

Does your dog sniff everything? Is your dog anxious and worried? Nosework is a great game to play to build your dog’s confidence and reduce your dog’s anxieties.

Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dogs are trained to bring love and joy to patients in hospitals, hospice and more. Therapy dog training is a rewarding experience for all involved. Watch this video and see if your dog could do this valuable work!

Trick Dog Training Class!

Does your dog know their basic manners? That’s all you need for your to earn their first trick dog title! There are so many fun, useful and interesting tricks to teach.


Is your dog relentlessly energetic? Constantly bored?

Group dog training classes teach your dog to engage with you in a fun way so you have a relaxed, calm dog ready to curl up on the couch with you.


Dog agility class is great to teach your dog to be connected with you and listen. Plus dog agility class will wear out your dog so you can chill out.

Get started on your path to more fun and reliability with your dog!

We had a great experience with Mariah and would (and have) wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone with a dog. -Sarah G.

Mariah definitely hits the mark with her positive reinforcement and patience while training the humans and the dogs in the house. -Michelle G.

Thank you for all the great education – now it’s our job to execute! -Dan H.