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Orlando dog training treats

Being an advocate for your dog

Does your dog want to go to the festival? 

What to do if your vet or your trainer slams your dog on his back? 

Myths of dog aggression

Is it your fault?

The myth of “suddenly, out of the blue”

It’s all in how they were raised

He is just very protective

If only that hadn’t happened, my dog would be fine

Can you fix my dog?

barking dog training orlando

Dog bites

Bite levels of dogs

The ladder of aggression

Dog to Dog Aggression

What NOT to do if your dog is aggressive toward another dog

The Easy (Open Bar) method for eliminating dog to dog aggression

How can I change the aggression?

Small dog aggression towards big dogs

Types of aggression in dogs

Is my dog dog-aggressive or is my dog normal?

What is a normal dog to dog interaction?

Why does my herding dog seem to hate Labs?


Dog to people aggression

How can I change my dog’s response to strangers


puppy training orlando

Fear of people

Separation anxiety

How to teach your dog to be content alone

What is it and tips on addressing it 

How to treat separation anxiety

Emergency situations

 How to break up a dog fight

More tips on how to break up a dog fight

What to do if an off leash dog runs at you

Overcoming fear in dogs

Bringing home a shy, scared, skittish or abused dog

Overcoming fear

Process of helping fearful dogs

Fireworks fear

Caution about guaranteed results

Medication and your dog

Should I medicate my dog while doing behavior modification?

How to eliminate aggression and can medication help?

Victoria Stillwell teaches a dog to ignore the lights

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